There are several types of analogue HD CCTV security cameras on the market, and they are all subtly different. HD systems are usually selected either for cost savings or system upgrades for cabling compatibility.

HD-SDI Cameras & DVR Recorder

HD-SDI was the first analogue HD security camera technology developed and transmitted HD over COAX cable. HD-SDI, although still widely available, has not progressed as a CCTV technology.

HD-CVI Cameras & DVR

HD-CVI technology manufacturer is the Chinese company Dahua. Dahua Technology is partially state-owned by Central Huijin Asset Management and China Securities Finance Co.Ltd.

HD-AHD Cameras & DVR

HD-AHD is a new recording technology developed by the Korean company Nextchip. Image quality is not as crisp as HD-TVI, and it is more limited in terms of compatibility. The main benefit is cost.

HD-TVI Cameras & DVR

HD-TVI is our preferred CCTV security camera technology. The cable can be existing COAX, so it is ideal for system upgrades or CAT5e or CAT6 cable using video baluns.

HD-TVI produces crisp image quality of up to 8.0 Megapixel (4K) or 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution. 

The other great thing about HD-TVI is that, unlike HD-CVI, which is only available from one Chinese company, HD-TVI developers were the American company Techpoint and the preferred technology of many CCTV manufacturers.

What Are The Advantages Of An


TVI can transmit video up to 500 meters over a single cable
TVI is secure as data is not transmitted over an IP Network
TVI is flexible due to its compatibility with various cable infrastructure
TVI installation is simple cameras wire directly to the DVR recorder
TVI is cost effective with proven reliability

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