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SEEDS is a Self Exclusion Entry Detection System for Responsible Gaming, Compliance, and Security

SEEDS is an innovative Self Exclusion Entry Detection System designed to promote responsible gaming, ensure compliance, and enhance security within the premises of Pubs and Clubs.

Our state-of-the-art software harnesses the power of Vix Vizion’s world-leading Australian-made algorithm, featuring advanced real-time facial recognition technology. This innovative solution provides rapid and accurate identification abilities, serving a vital role in efficiently overseeing and implementing gaming self-exclusion protocols.

The software boasts a range of functionalities, including the identification of individuals who are prohibited from entry, the recognition of individuals with notable anti-money laundering (AML) risks, and the detection of individuals raising concerns.

This versatile solution is adaptable for implementation in a single establishment or can be seamlessly integrated across multiple venues.

Its applications are diverse, extending from the management of self-excluded patrons to the enhancement of overall security measures. Moreover, it elevates customer service standards while providing comprehensive video analytics data tailored for the specific needs of pubs and clubs.

Choose SEEDS to not only uphold responsible gaming but also to ensure regulatory compliance and bolster security.

The Effective and Affordable

Self Exclusion Entry Detection System


100% Australian made
AI algorithm


Leverage your existing IP-based CCTV


Subscription based monthly payment plan


Customisable notifications and incident alerts


Easily identify returning guests, banned or self-excluded patrons


Works autonomously 24/7 with no days off or breaks


Fully compliant with the latest GDPR legislation


Cost-effective solution with manageable quarterly payments


Customisable reporting provides valuable, data-driven insights


Expert installation, thorough training and 24/7 support

The Self Exclusion Entry Detection System

Promoting Safety and

Guests can self-exclude at the venue or via a hosted
centralised service.

Proven accuracy in dynamic environments, detecting eyewear, headwear, and facial coverings.

SEEDS Video Analytics Entry Detection System effortlessly integrates with existing
VMS/CCTV systems.

Real Time Monitoring and

Upon enrolment, the faces of self-excluded guests are labelled
for easy identification.

When entering a venue or gaming area, guests are cross-referenced with the self-exclusion database.

Immediate alerts are dispatched
to essential staff or the duty
manager through SMS or
email notifications.

Enrollment Platform

Refine the process of including
self-excluded guests through an intuitive onboarding portal.

Automatically enhances image quality to ensure optimal clarity and user-friendliness.

Effortlessly integrates into your existing enrolment procedures, facilitating highly efficient
system management.

Simplified Subscription Based Payments

Elevate convenience with our integrated subscription-based online payment system.

Access a comprehensive package including essential hardware
and software.

Choose a cost-effective solution with manageable quarterly payments aligned to your
financial strategy.

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