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    Whats Makes Us Different?

    We Have Deep
    Industry Expertise

    Symetrix is home to a select group of specialists who command a deep understanding of the security industry and its underpinning technology.

    That is a bold statement to make; however, we do not simply resell products sourced from a local distributor. We design and manufacture world-class Alarm, Access Control, and CCTV systems and directly import from leading manufacturers.

    Whether your security needs are complex or straightforward, chances are our team has the right solution and the right experience.

    We Are a

    Unlike many security companies who only specialise in one or two areas, we have the expertise to help you manage all of your security technology.

    No matter your security challenge, be it an intercom upgrade for an apartment building, a number plate recognition system for a commercial car park or facility, an intelligent access control system for one door or one thousand, or the latest AI analysis CCTV system.

    Whatever the requirement, big or small, we have the skills and expertise to help you find the right solution.

    We Will Be Your
    Business Partner

    One of our guiding principles is to value relationships. So, we don’t just work hard to win the sale; we work hard to earn our clients’ business every day.

    We understand that when our customers choose us, they’re entrusting something significant, their security, to us. You can count on us for a fast turnaround, innovative ideas and top-notch service that feels like we’re your people, not a vendor.

    So, if you’re looking for more than a reseller of security equipment and instead want a partner who will value your success as much as their own, look no further than Symetrix Data and Security.

    cctv surveillance products


    Symetrix offers world-class security camera systems installed by licensed professional technicians.

    We have over a decade of experience planning, customising and installing comprehensive CCTV systems for a wide range of industries.

    We offer both HD and IP high-resolution video surveillance systems, stock a comprehensive range of cameras and pride ourselves on quality product and craft.

    • World-class Products
    • Professional Installation
    • Quality Support
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    Symetrix intercom


    Over a decade of experience installing intercom systems has enabled Symetrix to carefully select respected leading manufacturers in tech-focused smart intercom technology.

    Specialising in upgrades, not just new system installations, we offer an innovative range of 2-Wire, IP, Cloud, GSM and Industrial intercom systems.

    We excel at intercom solutions for apartment buildings, commercial, retail and industrial applications.

    • Leading Brands
    • Multi-tenant Strata Experts
    • Unparalleled Aftersales Service
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    door access control

    Access Control

    Symetrix delivers effective and simple-to-use door access control systems. We offer over a decade of experience planning, customising and installing access control for industrial facilities, warehouses, apartment complexes and commercial buildings.

    Xecure, the security-based software, allows administrators to create entrance schedules, monitor real-time events, and even control doors remotely via the iXecure mobile App or devices with internet access.

    • Designed in Australia
    • Intuitive Software
    • Highly Integrable
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    security alarm


    Whether it’s protecting something as small as an office or something as extensive as an industrial factory, a security Alarm system you can depend on can be critical in safeguarding a facility and keeping unwanted intruders out.

    The Xecure security platform is configurable with a wide range of Alarm sensor options, including smoke & thermal detectors, panic buttons, glass break and vibration sensors, monoxide detectors, plus an array of heat and movement sensors designed for both indoor and outdoor applications.

    • Designed in Australia
    • CCTV and Access Control Integration
    • 24/7 Alarm Monitoring
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    Google Business Reviews

    Excellent prompt professional service. Very happy
    Raymond Williamson
    Raymond Williamson
    11:45 02 Aug 21
    Nico Porcare
    Nico Porcare
    00:16 02 Aug 21
    Fantastic! I am very happy with your Customer Service. My request #15140 was answered within a day. Well Done!
    Haiden Edwards
    Haiden Edwards
    13:02 19 Jul 21
    Adam was very friendly, knowledgeable and professional
    Joseph Robinson
    Joseph Robinson
    09:57 06 Jul 21
    Everyone involved were very nice friendly people. Very professional.
    Robert Harley
    Robert Harley
    05:09 05 Jul 21
    Mason Rose
    Mason Rose
    06:20 03 Jul 21
    Billie Walker
    Billie Walker
    13:25 01 Jul 21
    I rang three times and spoke to three different people and on second and third time both Nick and Adam knew about my issue and were trying to resolve. Adam went around the issue to give me immediate assistance and good advice. Thanks guys.
    Ana Dyson
    Ana Dyson
    12:10 28 Jun 21
    Both Joel and Adam provided good level support throughout the Intercom issues.
    Dirk Eugena
    Dirk Eugena
    21:17 26 Jun 21
    Good to deal with. Reliable service.
    Christopher Samsel
    Christopher Samsel
    16:19 22 Jun 21
    Thank you very much for your help
    Thomas Boykin
    Thomas Boykin
    17:23 18 Jun 21
    Nic has been very helpful keeping me up to date with the progress prompt with returning my calls and emails very satisfied
    Kerrie Ching
    Kerrie Ching
    19:25 14 Jun 21
    I sent email to Nic after 5pm yesterday and he can arrange onsite investigation today and that problem identified and solved by the technician within 15 mins. I like the technician professional attitude.
    Reichert Essex
    Reichert Essex
    09:21 11 Jun 21
    The reply to my request for a quote was prompt. Tony White visited our home to discuss our security camera needs & we were very happy with his knowledge of the products & the installation methods which would need to be applied. Am awaiting a quote for this work to be done.
    Andrea Reich
    Andrea Reich
    07:34 03 Jun 21
    It was great - I dragged it out for over a year because of renovations and Adam was very patient. Everything happened quickly once the Reno was at the point where I could progress
    Jaqueline Antwan
    Jaqueline Antwan
    11:45 29 May 21
    Nic was pleasant on the phone also helped promptly with the problem to get an appointment also to get a technician there ASAP
    Wisozk Raye
    Wisozk Raye
    19:26 12 May 21
    Very kind and patient, they keep follow up and reply quickly.
    Becker Karey
    Becker Karey
    08:04 05 May 21
    Nic was very prompt and great to deal with as usual!
    Dorothy Ferguson
    Dorothy Ferguson
    07:15 19 Apr 21
    Very happy with the support given the difficult connection problems we had. Thankyou
    Staci Trull
    Staci Trull
    05:44 14 Apr 21
    Swift help. Excellent support
    Polly Merle
    Polly Merle
    09:01 04 Apr 21
    I'm very happy with the service so far. Overtime I write an email I always get a response quickly
    Maria Kehl
    Maria Kehl
    11:39 30 Mar 21
    The service provided by Adam was very courteous, professional and prompt. He had arranged for the site visit that happened as per schedule. The quotation was send to me promptly and my clarifications were handled by Richard and Adam with a great patience and professionalism.
    Elsa Green
    Elsa Green
    08:19 25 Mar 21
    All it took was to register and then spoke to Nic, (Tech) this morning and he fixed the issue within 30 min magic! Gremlins are gone.
    Emily Nash
    Emily Nash
    04:45 20 Mar 21
    Very knowledgeable, informative and helpful from my initial enquiry all along the way.
    June Valdez
    June Valdez
    07:11 05 Mar 21
    always responsive and determined to fix the niggling problems
    Yasmin Booth
    Yasmin Booth
    03:42 23 Feb 21
    The customer service which you have given was really awesome. thanks for giving a good understanding of the product which I'm looking.
    Heall Obrien
    Heall Obrien
    03:14 18 Feb 21
    Adam appears to be on the ball.
    Nannie Porfirio
    Nannie Porfirio
    07:29 08 Feb 21
    Thanks Adam, I am going through the responses I got today now and put that in an excel to compare. I may come with some additional questions
    Hillary Denton
    Hillary Denton
    07:37 29 Jan 21
    The support is always very good, and very quick to respond.
    Leroy Szymanski
    Leroy Szymanski
    05:51 24 Jan 21
    Quick and Great service
    Barbara Bertsch
    Barbara Bertsch
    05:46 19 Jan 21
    Extremely satisfied - Adam has been so responsive and helpful on absolutely every request we've made. It makes my life a hell of a lot easier 🙂 thank you Adam.
    Nesta Schiffner
    Nesta Schiffner
    06:54 21 Oct 20
    friendly - asked good sensible questions and organised site visit - perfect 1st step
    Harald Conroy
    Harald Conroy
    04:04 11 Oct 20
    From the technician up, the service and helpfulness was great. Top team well done and thanks for following every thing up as you said you would. Thanks guys. Regards Barry & Margaret
    Russel Sapp
    Russel Sapp
    07:03 13 May 20
    After using Symetrix for a major camera and control system in my offices and warehouse, 2 years later, we called them for a new install in our new home, they came out and saw us on our schedule, amazing easy to understand quotes, and the install job was done perfectly. And respecting our home at the same time - very happy and 100% recommend them.
    Paul Kampoyris
    Paul Kampoyris
    04:21 20 Mar 20
    I received the estimate very quickly! Thanks Adam
    Malcolm Vinicomb
    Malcolm Vinicomb
    03:05 20 Mar 20
    Professional and friendly. Answered my queries.
    Barry Bridges
    Barry Bridges
    08:34 15 Mar 20
    good quick response time
    Gordon Scott
    Gordon Scott
    07:22 10 Mar 20
    Thanks so much again for your help Adam
    Creola Vickers
    Creola Vickers
    02:53 05 Mar 20
    The technician who attended today was great. All concerns answered and he worked efficiently to have the issues sorted.
    Pamela Watkins
    Pamela Watkins
    05:42 29 Feb 20
    Nic returned my emails in good time and arranged a technician to come to fit within my schedule.
    Victoria Walton
    Victoria Walton
    06:55 24 Feb 20
    Good work. All matters attended to during the installation.
    Daniel Hudson
    Daniel Hudson
    18:27 19 Feb 20
    The Symetrix team (especially Adam and Ross) did a great installation job at our home. They worked quick and neatly. They showed up on time and communicated well. Also the office staff who handled our quote that needed some amendments, advised us well and was flexibel. I would recommend this company to others. A special thank you to Adam who was very polite, friendly and knowledgable.
    12:15 14 Feb 20
    Nic has always been so supportive with a great sense of humour
    Audrey Chapman
    Audrey Chapman
    03:09 14 Feb 20
    The team at Symetrix are a professional team of people. If we have any question or issue with our CCTV or Alarm the team take ownership of the issue and resolve the problem is a fast, friendly and efficient manner. We are satisfied with the customer service.
    sammy pinto
    sammy pinto
    12:50 11 Feb 20
    Was a smooth experience getting a 6 security camera system for my home. All staff were friendly, professional and helpful from sales to installers.
    Elijah Esmero
    Elijah Esmero
    12:02 27 Jun 19

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      CCTVIntercomAlarmAccess ControlOther

      With the wide variety of CCTV cameras on the market and new advances in technology, there is a lot to learn about CCTV security cameras. The following overview covers some of the basics.

      Please feel welcome to call on us for more information; we do love to talk about CCTV.

      How Does CCTV Work

      CCTV systems use cameras to capture video footage. The footage then sent to a recording device (a DVR or NVR) and stored for future reference. It is then sent from the cameras to a dedicated monitor, or even a smartphone or computer, displaying the footage in real-time.CCTV security systems are connected with a coaxial cable, network cable, or wireless signal, depending on the system type.

      IP vs. Analog CCTV Cameras

      Two main categories of security cameras are IP cameras and analogue CCTV cameras.

      Analogue HD CCTV Systems

      As we like to call them, analog systems, or HD systems, are the more traditional CCTV forms. These can use several cable types to connect the camera and recording system.Analogue HD systems have lower video quality than IP; however, the flexibility with compatible cabling types tends to make HD more suitable for system upgrades.

      IP Systems

      IP systems, otherwise known as network cameras, are technically not "CCTV" in the same way as hardwired analogue HD systems but often referred to as CCTV systems for convenience.IP systems are entirely digital. IP systems run on networks just like a computer network. And just like a computer network, a single Ethernet cable can connect multiple IP cameras compared to Analogue HD that requires a dedicated cable for each camera.

      Unlike analog systems, IP CCTV cameras use only Ethernet cables such as CAT5e; however, being digital also means data transmission wirelessly is also possible.

      Is an Analog HD or IP System Better

      Analog HD CCTV cameras offer reliability thanks to their simplicity, but they generally shoot in lower resolutions than their digital counterparts.IP security cameras are capable of much higher resolution, up to 4k ultra HD in many cases, thus providing better image quality.

      They are also usually compatible with many more features than analogue-based systems, such as video analytics and advanced processing performance in low-light recording situations.

      IP systems can often require less cabling than analog systems. IP cameras can also be scaled almost infinitely, allowing for far more flexibility and more powerful systems than analog cameras have traditionally allowed.

      NVR vs DVR

      In a CCTV security camera system, an onsite recording device stores footage captured by security cameras.

      In analogue HD CCTV systems, this is a DVR (Digital Video Recorder). IP systems use an NVR (Network Video Recorder). In analogue HD systems, a DVR recorder converts all video footage to digital format, compresses the file, and stores it on a hard drive. The DVR can connect to a monitor to show video footage or a router and internet modem to broadcast the footage using mobile Apps or PC software.NVR CCTV systems connect to IP cameras and use software to record video in a digital format. NVRs are typically more advanced systems that offer higher video quality and more flexible features.

      CCTV Camera Types

      There are various types of CCTV surveillance cameras suitable for indoor and outdoor use in multiple building types and industries.

      Dome Cameras

      Dome cameras can be used for indoor and outdoor applications and generally mounted on ceilings or pendants, allowing them to survey large areas at a wide-angle.

      More advanced Dome cameras include motorised zoom and autofocus lenses. They are also well-suited to environments that get dirty quickly. Dome cameras are smaller and more discreet and often the preferred choice for general CCTV surveillance.

      Bullet Cameras

      Bullet cameras offer a flexible range in regards to area application, including on walls or pole mounted. The shape of a bullet camera allows it to accommodate a large lens, giving it a lengthier range.

      Bullet cameras' good recording quality, superior motorised zoom capabilities, and infrared make them ideal for outdoor use.

      One of the drawbacks of Bullet cameras is they are more susceptible to vandalism and easier to cover, obstructing the camera.

      PTZ Cameras

      PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) cameras can dome or bullet cameras, but they allow users to remotely move the camera using an app, joystick, or computer program.

      They often have powerful zoom capabilities and extreme night vision performance. With the ability to move and "look" around an area, PTZ cameras provide 360-degree coverage and can do the job of several static cameras.

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        CCTVIntercomAlarmAccess ControlOther

        How Video Intercom Systems Work

        Video intercoms use security cameras to capture footage of visitors at the entryway. This footage is displayed on an interior monitor, letting the occupant see and speak to visitors before allowing them in.

        Intercom systems are most convenient when configured with door release. Occupants can press a button to unlock the door for visitors remotely.

        The most up-to-date systems offer cloud-based mobile apps that you can use anywhere, as long as you have an Internet connection.

        Video Intercom System Components

        Primary video intercom system components include the entry station, concierge station and tenant station.

        Entrance Station

        Entrance stations are located at the doors or gates where visitors enter and include built-in surveillance cameras.

        Visitors press a button on the entry station panel to contact the concierge desk or occupant. Entrance stations can also provide keyless entry for occupants, such as card readers, fingerprint readers and keypads.

        Tenant Station

        Tenant stations are installed inside apartment units or suites to receive video calls from the entrance stations and unlock the door for the visitor.

        Concierge Station

        A concierge station is placed inside the building, where communication needs to be centrally received; at a receptionist's desk or a guard's station, for example.

        Concierge stations typically have a door release button to grant access to visitors remotely, and special functions including broadcasting, paging, and inbound call transfers are generally possible.

        Mobile Apps

        Video intercom mobile apps let residents, staff, and property managers see and speak to visitors at the entrance station from their smartphone.

        Using cloud-based apps enables video communication and door release from any location, as long as the device can connect to the internet.

        Who Needs a Video Intercom System

        Anyone who wants to give themselves or their tenants the added security of seeing and speaking to people at the door, or wants to set up easy-to-use building communication, should install a video intercom.

        Multi-tenant Intercom Systems

        Multi-tenant buildings such as apartment complexes and condos are prime spots for video intercoms with access control.

        An apartment intercom system with door release and video will allow residents to rest assured they are not letting dangerous people into their home.

        Gated communities can also place video intercoms at vehicle gates to verify every car that comes in. Cloud-based apps are popular with multi-tenant facilities, as users never have to miss a visitor or delivery. They can get alerts on their phone and see who is at their door no matter where they are.

        Commercial Intercom Systems

        Intercom systems for offices, retail establishments, and other commercial buildings are a great way to ensure only employees and authorised people can access merchandise and sensitive information.

        Video intercom systems are a practical addition to reception areas, guard stations, or any entryways that need securing against intruders.

        Mixed-use Building Intercom Systems

        Mixed-use buildings can present unique security challenges; luckily, video intercom systems provide solutions for mixed-use commercial and residential spaces.

        Intercom systems can feature elevator control, traffic control, parking structure access, and a range of other options for mixed-use buildings.

        Industrial Facility Intercom Systems

        Industrial facilities such as manufacturing buildings and warehouses can use video intercom systems to enforce safety protocols, prevent theft and vandalism, and provide a safer workplace for employees.

        Video intercoms let users remotely view workers and direct their actions, which is helpful in settings where employees are performing physical work and operating heavy machinery.

        Parking Intercom Systems

        Parking lot entrances are also great places for intercoms, as staff can use them to authorise all vehicles entering the parking lot.

        Installing surveillance cameras in these areas can also deter criminals who target unwatched parking lots.

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          CCTVIntercomAlarmAccess ControlOther

          What is Access Control

          Access Control systems combine software and hardware that keep track of entering and exiting a facility utilising key card, microchip, and phone-verified entry.

          Access control systems permit access to a door or gate after an individual has provided valid credentials to a reader and deny access to those without credentials.

          Verified individuals swipe, flash, or press their devices onto a sensor, which then grants them access and stores their entry time in a centralised system.

          Controlling who may enter a premise is the first line of security any building can rely on, making a door access control system a critical component in day-to-day operations.

          Access Control Software

          Modern access control software does not face the same constraints as traditional systems. Security professionals can remotely grant and deny entry to facilities with the simple click of a button.

          Access control software monitors who have the right to come in and out of a facility and which areas they can access.

          Individuals gain entry into a facility through their credentials, which can be various objects such as smartphones, key fobs, or smart cards.

          At any time, administrators can modify the access privileges of employees or residents, all while monitoring their entry data from security logs that track who has entered and exited a facility.

          Proximity Card Readers

          A proximity card reader system is a fast and easy solution to grant employees and residents access to secured areas.

          Individuals seeking entry to a facility can place their key fob or swipe card in front of a reader, scans the credentials, and unlocks the barriers to provide access.

          Mobile Passes

          With a mobile credential access control system in place, individuals need nothing more than their smartphones to gain entry.

          The reliable proximity card has dominated the security industry for decades but has slowly lost ground to the ever-evolving smart card that offers greater security.

          Smart card door access control allows for quicker entry. More security as the advanced cards possess more internal data than traditional proximity cards and are far more challenging to replicate.

          Integrated Access Control

          Controlling access to a facility is a great way to buff the security of a business, but it is only a mere step forward in the grand scheme of things.

          Integrated access control solutions, when partnered with high-resolution security cameras, offer the highest level of security and provide businesses with true peace of mind.

          Video surveillance integration with access control can provide an unmatched level of transparency by validating that people enter the right areas.

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            CCTVIntercomAlarmAccess ControlOther

            Alarm Systems

            The best Alarm security systems have a few essential qualities in common: they're robust, they're difficult to circumvent, and matched to the needs of the premise in question.

            Alarm systems come in many different shapes and sizes, so you want to build a custom setup that meets your individual needs. Regardless of size, every Alarm security system should have these parts:

            Control Panel

            All alarm systems have a dedicated control panel. The control panel is the system brain; everything is wired or wirelessly connected to the control panel.


            The keypad is the system interface. Usually placed near the main entrance or at critical checkpoints, this pad lets you turn on and off the system (usually referred to as "arming" and "disarming").

            The keypad often gives you information on what sensors detect activity or are not secure, an open window, for example.

            Door And Window Contacts

            These are typically magnetic sensors monitoring a connection between the door and the jamb or the window sash to the window casing. If the sensor contact gets interrupted by opening a door or window, the alarm will activate.

            Glass Break Detectors

            Glass break detectors are sound detectors that listen for the precise frequency of breaking glass. These sensors can trigger the alarm, even if the window contact sensor not interrupted.

            Motion Detectors

            Most indoor motion detectors include passive infrared (PIR) technology that only picks up the displacement of body heat. PIR prevents false alarms since spider webs and bugs will not activate the sensor. Outdoor motion detectors use passive infrared and microwave technology to catch intruders without getting false alarms from small animals.

            How Motion Detectors Work

            A few types of motion detectors are available for security systems, but they fall into two distinct categories: Passive and Active. Active systems measure the presence of objects by sending and receiving a signal of some sort, while passive systems wait for changes to occur.

            Passive Infrared Motion Detectors

            The most common are Passive Infrared or PIR sensors that detect rapid changes in the infrared spectrum. The heat from objects and people emits infrared light, invisible to the human eye but detectable by PIR.

            Most PIR sensors use Fresnel lenses arrayed to focus the infrared light into the sensor, and when a rapid change gets detected across its field of view, it will send out a signal.

            However, slow changes do not trigger the sensor, so it is theoretically possible to thwart them by moving very slowly. In practice, this threshold is impossible to determine on the fly, and security motion detectors are never the only system to defeat, so defeating a PIR is difficult.

            Active Motion Detectors

            Active motion detectors are less common but are still helpful for security purposes. Some use an emitter that sends a beam of light across a hallway or room into a photosensitive receptor. If the beam gets broken, the sensor sends a signal just like a PIR would. These are commonly seen at the bottom of garage doors, acting as a safety switch; if a person or object crosses the beam, the door stops moving.

            Other active sensors use reflected ultrasonic waves to measure the environment. Sonar detectors emit a sound wave and measure the time and intensity of their return. A change to either triggers the alarm.

            A similar sensor uses radar in the same way. Radio microwave pulses get sent out, timed, and measured on return.

            Security Cameras As Motion Detectors

            CCTV surveillance cameras also act as motion detectors through rudimentary video analytics. When the camera detects an object crossing, entering, or leaving, it triggers the alarm.

            The camera can begin recording, turn on lights, activate a siren or silent alarm, or send you a notification.

            Using security cameras as motion detectors can cut down on a system's complexity but may be limiting the security systems effectiveness if you don't have independent motion sensors.

            Smoke Detectors

            There are primarily two sensor technologies for detecting a fire, ionisation and photoelectric.

            In an ionisation smoke detector, the surrounding air gets ionised by a slightly radioactive element (commonly americium-241). The alpha particles emitted by the americium charge air particles are allowed to flow into the ionisation chamber. The charged air particles move between two charged plates according to their new positive or negative charge, completing an electrical circuit. When smoke enters the detector, the ionised air bonds to the smoke particles, breaking the circuit and sending out an alarm. Ionisation detectors are best at detecting fires that are producing flames as opposed to smouldering fires.

            Photoelectric (or optical) sensors, on the other hand, use a beam of light to detect changes in the air. The light can be visible, infrared, or ultraviolet and detects smoke based on the light scattering that occurs when smoke partially obstructs the light.

            Photoelectric smoke detectors react better to slow-starting, smouldering fires than ionisation detectors, but despite some difficulty, they can detect flaming, fast-growing fires as well. Optical smoke detectors react to smoke earlier than ionisation detectors, making them the primary choice for commercial alarm systems.

            System Interruption Sensors

            The best alarm systems will have fail-safes to protect themselves from tampering. An interruption sensor will trigger an alert if any part of the system is taken offline, loses power, or fails to respond to a ping for any reason.

            Panic Buttons

            Panic buttons come in various shapes and sizes, but they all serve the same purpose: they allow you to activate the alarm or summon the authorities immediately.

            Commercial Alarm Monitoring

            Once your alarm system is up and running, will you subscribe to a monitoring service?

            With most monitoring packages from commercial alarm monitoring companies, you have 24/7 access to a support centre that would respond to any alerts or alarms. They're able to have emergency services dispatched or disarm the system in case of a false alarm.

            Smartphone Connectivity

            The old alarm systems were self-contained and impossible to access from anywhere but the physical keypad. While this is nice and secure, it's highly inconvenient when you want to use it from the other room or outside.

            Ever forget to arm your security system before leaving? Modern alarms allow you to remotely arm or disarm the system, change its settings, or even check in on it while you're out.

            Likewise, you can also control electronic systems such as motorised gates, lighting or air conditioning.