Case studies

Intercom installation at a hostel

This hostel contacted Symetrix to install an intercom system to provide a more secure environment for their tenants and guests. We provided a cost effective and powerful intercom solution as part of a scheduled building refurbishment. The structure was challenging, but the result was well worth it. Click play on the video to watch an overview given by one of our senior technicians.

Security cameras at a retirement village

The management from this retirement village were seeking solutions to a number of major problems they were currently facing. A lot of their buildings were experiencing break-ins, garages were getting damaged, goods were being stolen, and they were finding a lot of rubbish which had been dumped illegally. Symetrix installed a CCTV camera system across four of their six buildings. With one click, it was possible to view the entire site.

Integrated access and alarm system at a warehouse and office

This job needed a full range of security services, which included updating the alarm system , full access door entry operation, and CCTV for both of the two buildings, integrated into the existing network; all of which could be run and managed from one pc. To keep the installation as tidy as possible, we managed to run cables through cavities in the wall, and hide them inside conduits which were placed out of eye-sight. We can adapt to the varied challenges that each and every job produces, and do it well.

Rose Bay residence of Robert T.

(average price $1800 – $3000)

Robert contacted us after he had a home invasion. Robert has a wife, in addition to children ranging from 5 years to 15 years of age. He was particularly concerned about this robbery as the intruders came into his home while he and his family were sleeping.

We provided a complete security surveillance system for Robert so that he could see his whole house, interior and exterior, through a network of strategically placed cameras. Robert is able to flick on a monitor at night, which is wall mounted next to his bed, and see his entire house. The system also doubles as a way for him to keep an eye on babysitters and cleaners while he is away, not to mention being able to see what his teenage kids are up to.

Cinnamon Cafe, Vaucluse, Sydney

(average price $2500 – $5000)

Amir, the proprietor of the business, was keen to get the business up and running so that he could spend more time away from the business. His main barrier from doing this was that in his past experience, cash orientated businesses faced the real concern that staff would skim money from the till. “I never wanted to leave the business because I felt I might be being taken advantage of”

After installing one of our 4 camera surveillance systems, Amir was able to remote view his premises from home or from his iPhone, and he could easily investigate any issues that arose. This gave him the confidence to hire more staff to cover more hours while he could spend more time enjoying his life.

Westbus depot complete security system

(above $10k)

Westbus came to us with a specific request. They needed a system to monitor buses in the depot, but also required that all buses entering the depot at speed (of around 20km/hr) had front, side and back captured on CCTV. This was then used to identify any damage to the buses so that the driver could be held responsible.

Damage to buses by drivers cost Westbus hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. The incidents have dramatically decreased since the installation of our system. The system also has the added benefit of covering the buses while they are parked in the depot to act as a deterrent to would-be thieves and vandals.

So what happens next?

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