GSM Intercom

Aurine A4-TA6VKC GSM Apartment Door Station

WHAT IS A GSM Intercom?

The Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) is the world’s most popular standard for mobile telephony.

GSM intercoms use the mobile network via a SIM card to allow for an unlimited wireless range, just like your mobile phone. What’s more, GSM intercom systems are highly scalable, with up to 999 apartments configured for a single system.

How do GSM Intercoms work?

When a visitor presses the apartment number on the intercom, it dials out using the mobile phone network. It places a call to any predefined land-line or mobile telephone, no matter where that phone’s location is in Australia.

The person reached can have a two-way audio conversation with the visitor and, by pressing a key on their phone, can remotely open doors or gates for visitor access.

A GSM intercom provides a reduced cabling solution for multi-tenanted apartments or gated housing estates. GSM is the ideal solution where cabling to all units is not feasible.

What are the advantages of a

GSM Intercom System?

Minimal cabling requirements
web based
Key-less entry

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