CCTV security camera


Businesses increasingly feel the need to have an accurate and indisputable record of what transpires on their premises for safety and legal protection.

CCTV security camera systems are more intelligent and effective than ever. Features not only include remote access and automatic mobile notifications.

AI analysis, including face recognition, area intrusion, loitering, and people gathering detection, makes cutting edge CCTV surveillance technology a reality for every business owner.

Symetrix will tailor a system to your business’s specific requirements. Whether you need an overall strategy that can cover multiple locations or a few cameras to watch your storefront, at Symetrix, there’s a solution for everyone.


Only licensed, competently trained technicians will be installing and servicing your CCTV system.

Peace Of Mind

CCTV systems backed by a 3-year parts & 2-year labour warranty; there is no fine print to read.


What we promise is what you will receive; we stake our reputation on that.
IP Systems
- Ultra 4K Resolution
- AI Intelligent Analysis
- Superior Expansion Capability
- Fixed or PTZ Camera Options
- 8 Megapixel Resolution
- Face and Object Detection
- Ideal For System Upgrades
- Fixed or PTZ Camera Options
Xecure IP
- 8 Megapixel Resolution
- 3-in-1 Web Based Solution
- Integrate With Access Control/Alarm
- Fixed or PTZ Camera Options

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