Conventional security systems manage security functions like silos of information, access control, video management, visitor management and intrusion detection.

XECURE unifies Security Management and is designed to be intelligent, intuitive and purpose-built for modern security requirements.

XECURE is flexible; implement XECURE for Access Control, Security Alarm, CCTV camera surveillance or Lighting Automation or any combination of the four.

Based on proven technologies and innovative designs, solutions XECURE can work as independent modules or seamlessly as a single unified system, according to the needs of individual premises.

Advantages of ease of use, scalability and an open architecture mean the current solution can grow as your businesses expand, even across different geographic locations.

What Is The XECURE

Security Management Platform


Lift Control

Configure access to specific floors for residents and visitors. Grant access to visitors via the intercom and to residents via a proximity card or mobile credential.


The web-based, flexible, highly scalable IP video surveillance system supports video analytics, PTZ, 4K resolution with 4 to 512 channels plus access control and alarm system integration.

Lighting Automation

Control the environment in your building. Integrate lighting control with the location of residents. For example, turn on lighting in the Pool or Gym area when in use.


The iXecure App brings security management to your pocket. Remotely open/close and unlock doors; view sensor status information in real-time. Control lighting and more from anywhere on the planet.

Security Alarm

Dictate who can enter Alarm zones and areas and monitor sensor and input statuses in real-time, allowing for the immediate identification of any security breach.

Access Control

Eliminate security risks associated with traditional key and lock systems. You can easily regulate who can enter your facility, what time they can enter, and through which point they can enter.

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