SECURITY SYSTEM Maintenance and Repair

The maintenance of the security system is as essential as its manufacturing and installation phase.

Corrective maintenance  is repairing or replacing security system elements that are not working correctly.

It is a reactive system: something did not work and needs to be repaired or replaced until it works well; only known faults get resolved.

Preventive maintenance, however, we do not act reactively but instead, try to anticipate the possible failures of the security system and prevent the breakdown from appearing.

It tells us that we have to make slight corrections or adjustments, such as cleaning or replacing small parts avoiding a more severe and expensive breakdown.

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Corrective Maintenance

Call out $255 + GST Includes 60 minutes of on-site labour and any parts covered by warranty

$89 + GST for each 30 minutes labour thereafter

Preventive Maintenance

From $599 per annum

Preventive Maintenance

From $699 per annum

Access Control
 Preventive Maintenance

From $899 per annum

Preventive Maintenance

From $899 per annum

Repairs And Maintenance

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