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Strata security systems

Strata managers are charged with the responsibility of ensuring safety and security of tenants and building premises. This includes ensuring the security systems function optimally and that faults are resolved quickly and efficiently.


It is now crucial for the correct systems to be chosen to protect tenants and buildings from unwanted guests and vandalism.


Strata requirements are a Symetrix speciality, and we work with our strata managers and committees’ needs to design the proper systems that effectively remove the headaches that traditional systems can often bring.


We provide a complete line-up of security services for domestic and commercial properties, from maintenance and upgrades, including security consultations to help you design the best system for your needs.

Intercom upgrade specialists

Upgrades to buildings with older cabling can often be a headache – don’t despair! We specialise in upgrades, using the latest 2-wire technology which allows us to upgrade even old and tired systems to the latest technology.

CCTV: the next level

Modern CCTV has become a mainstay of strata buildings, and can protect against theft, vandalism and assault, as well as bogus insurance claims. CCTV cameras can cover lobbies and entrance areas, all common areas, garbage rooms and car parks, and can be used to capture intruders as well as ensure compliance with all strata regulations, plus ensure residents adhere to by-laws.

Access control: key-fobs instead of keys

Access control can ensure that access to areas are only granted according to a ‘schedule’ or ‘profile’, like pool areas, for example.

It can also make it very easy to replace key-fobs, and disable them if they are lost or stolen. This can easily be done remotely, and with the added benefit of logging, you can see who has been where throughout the building.

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