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Our security products

Security cameras

We install security camera systems, which often include a network of cameras, which can have various features. Common solutions include steel housed dome cameras, which can be mounted inside or outside.

Cameras feed back to a ‘network video recorder’ where images are stored on a built in hard drive array. Recorders tend to be configured to record on ‘movement’ events. Cameras detect movement, and send signals to the recorder to ‘record’ the feed. Often, NVRs (network video recorders) are internet enabled, so that we can remotely view cameras via the internet on a remote PC, iPad, iPhone, Android device, etc. We have various systems, but now HD 1080p 2.2 megapixel cameras are popular.

Alarm systems

We install alarm systems, where users can arm an area when they leave, and have that area secured. If someone enters the area, sensors will detect a breach, and connect to our cloud alert service. Site contacts are then notified by phone, sms or email about the breach. This can be provided in commercial or residential environments. Users can also arm and disarm via PC, iPhone, iPad, or Android device remotely. Users pin numbers can also be changed remotely, so users then cannot arm or disarm the system. Our system has a touch screen interface (instead of a keypad) and we can add wireless sensors, remote controls, smoke detectors, door/window contacts, sirens and strobes, and a host of other accessories. Often, these kinds of systems work well with remote CCTV to view what’s happening on the site, if a breach is detected.

Access control systems

We install access control systems, which are often card-swipe access systems that provide and control access to doors. We install electronic locks and card readers as a standalone option, or connected to a network controller. This network controller can be accessed from anywhere, allowing card users to be managed, and door access logs to be viewed at any time. If cards are lost, they can be disabled, or users can be locked out if required. This level of administration can be carried out via PC, iPhone, iPad or Android device.

Intercom systems

We install intercom systems for various situations. From residential to strata blocks, Symetrix provides all of your security needs.

Intercom upgrades

We specialise in the deployment and installation of upgrades. Our deployments use far less cables, which allow for upgrades to be carried out on older systems where cable is often suspected as causing trouble.

So what happens next?

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