Keyless access solutions that keep your home or business safe

Access Control Systems

Access Control pertains to the system involving the locking and releasing of doors through authentication means rather than a traditional key. By utilising physical access control, you are able to control and restrict access to a physical space within a business or an organisation. Some advantages of Access Control include:

  • ID cards – a serial number is embedded on a small chip in the card
  • Key chain tags  also uses a small chip in the key tag
  • Biometrics – a person’s fingerprint is linked to a serial number

Here at Symetrix, our access control price is competitive and well worth the investment. Below, we’ll explain how an access control system works as well as the different types of solutions available.

How does it work?

This serial number is then communicated to the main control panel which applies the protocols you set to decide whether or not to open a door. On-site and comprehensive software is available for ultimate ease of access, on-the-run changes and immediate control.

Whether you are a CEO of a corporation who needs to secure special areas of the building, or even a parent with teenagers who needs to know that the house is secure at all times and that the kids can get in and out without having to worry about keys, a keyless entry system can make sure you are informed and in control.

Biometric access control can be much more complicated, have multiple verification points, management software, scheduling and multiple access points!

When it comes to biometric access control, unless you have the budget for a multiple verification point, high security system, we would instead recommend a card/ tag access control system, which is actually a more beneficial and cost effective security solution.

Access control

Keypad access control will allow multiple people to access one area, although this is not as secure as other methods due to the fact that the combination may be shared with other people.

Card and tag access

Each person who requires access to a building will have a different Access Card or Tag which has its own unique ID number. This ID number identifies them to the system and ensures that you can trace their movements if needed.

Cloud access

 Biometric access control can be much more complicated but its features include multiple verification points, management software, scheduling and multiple access points. By integrating cloud access control for your home or business, you can remotely manage processes such as adding or revoking user access and maintain visibility and control.

Why use access control?

Control who accesses secure or restricted spaces with convenience and ease, individualising your security allowances down to each separate staff member if desired.
Monitor staff movements and hours. With access control you can know exactly when staff enter and leave designated areas. Logs of who goes where are available live and in 24/7 recall format.
Designate multiple security level combinations with ease and efficiency. Decide which staff can enter what areas, set restricted access times and account for stock movements by staff member (etc) by incorporating counts and changeover protocols for shifts.
Remove the problems of traditional keys (they are clumsy, hard to track, difficult to account for and highly expensive and problematic if lost or stolen).
Remove the problem of keys being cut by staff without authority. With acccess control, you are the key master.
In addition to all these strategic advantages, access control can save you money by stroking the egos of staff using security levels, allowing you to also remove access in circumstances requiring it. It has been often said that a well phrased Job Title can soothe the pride of many a staff member; so too can a well-worded and implemented security clearance.

The price of your Access Control system will ultimately rest on 4 factors:

  1. The number of doors and regions to be secured,
  2. The quantity of users who require access,
  3. The particular method used (card, tag or biometric),
  4. Your building structure, which will influence design dynamics, and
  5. The ease or difficulty of cabling based on your building’s design.
On-site and comprehensive software is available for ultimate ease of access, on-the-run changes and immediate control.

How do I get access control?

Call and discuss

Submit an enquiry or give us a call and we’ll discuss what options suit you best. We’ll also book a consultant to come out.

Design and proposal

We will design the best system for your specific needs.

Installation and demo

Once you’re ready to go, our professional installers will come out and fit your system, and when installed, they will show you how to get the most out of your system.

So what happens next?

Please submit an enquiry below, or give us a call on 1300 097 727. We will contact you to discuss your security requirements.