Public Spaces in Communities & Government

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Just because a system is secure, it shouldn’t mean that it’s inconvenient! Leverage’ our technology with a fully integrated system that you can rely on

Local councils and community groups can aid greatly in preventing localised crime and can provide community and government groups with tools to help local police and law enforcement effectively prosecute criminals and wrongdoers.

Intercom & Door entry systems that call your smartphone or tablet directly, with video feeds to you no matter where you are.
Surveillance provides deterrence and post-incident evidence. Integrated alarming and access control provides alerts upon breaches, and secure facilities.
And with the ever looming threat of terrorism, public spaces are now on the hit list as potential terror targets.
Technology in protecting public spaces, and community areas is cost effective and has been shown to be the best solution yet to these threats, however, systems need to be carefully designed.

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