CCTV Installation

More than 80% of CCTV cameras are not “fit for purpose” and more than 90% are “illegal under the Data Protection Act. That is the report given by the United Kingdom’s CCTV Advisory Service and there is little reason to think the figures would be different here. Symetrix takes seriously its role in advising, installing and supporting quality closed circuit television systems. Our CCTV installations will be designed for both optimal effectiveness and legal compliance.

The Limitations of CCTV

Let’s be realCCTV Installation though (as we like to be). CCTV cannot compare to the human eye. CCTV cannot compete with the human eye for depth of field, speed of focus and refocus, movement and breadth of view, colour adjustment, environmental issues or vandalism (housing and location) problems. Also, only the most advanced of CCTV systems have a capacity to respond to a moving object, constantly scan, adjust and analyse data, adjust position and variables to maintain focus on a moving person or object. The brain and the human eye win the race hands down!

With that measure of realism stated, most people are blown away by the standard of CCTV surveillance that is possible today. Amazing results can be achieved by using the right cameras, the most effective way with the right strategy at work in their installation and use.

In addition, you need to be aware of issues like:

  • The overall strategy and goals you have for your CCTV system.
  • The quality and life expectancy of your surveillance cameras.
  • Technical camera variables like lens selection, camera type, shutter speeds, iris controls, remote control capabilities, required focal length, zoom variables and more.
  • Camera positioning and angle(s) for effectiveness, legal compliance and protection from damage.
  • The technical skills of your system designer and the CCTV system installer.
  • The integrity and character of installers who will know your security profile intimately.

CCTV the Symetrix Way

Our CCTV systems and our security protocols can be relied upon!

Symetrix cameras and supportive technologies are sourced from America - not the cheap and quality-deficient suppliers too many of our competitors use. Just because you are paying a premium price for a CCTV camera, does not mean it was not purchased for small change. If your CCTV was assembled in an Asian sweatshop assembly line or under duress by political prisoner, you also have to wonder about the quality and accuracy of the work performed. All of our cameras are sourced (with a few necessary exceptions) from reputable and highly quality control American suppliers. You can have confidence and.

Our people are trained, qualified and background checked to give you experience, professionalism, technical excellence and peace-of-mind. Symetrix‘ staff will explain CCTV’s possibilities and limitations, walk alongside and empower your informed and no pressure decision, design an effective package, install premium quality surveillance, clean up after themselves and continue to support you through the days, months and years that follow.

Symetrix CCTV systems will provide security, control, and peace-of-mind.

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