CCTV Cameras

CCTV cameras (or closed circuit television) are increasingly being used for businesses and even homes. Sure, some in the industry and media do a beat-up on crime and society’s dangers, but a measure of this is sadly true and the benefits of using them are real. Crime not only happens, but can often also be deterred. To paraphrase an old Goodyear Tyres logo: if your CCTV camera only saves you once a year, it’s been a good year!

Symetrix’s CCTV cameras also vary from middle shelf economical lines to premium top shelf technologies. Bottom shelf rubbish is easy to find (and is often dressed up and priced to look like the quality item). Symetrix do not do bottom shelf! Such cameras invariably need to be replaced at a future time, often fail at critical times and produce disappointing results. Though effective CCTV camera security does not come cheap, many are surprised by the value for money and economy, the return on investment, the benefits and the peace of mind CCTV can bring.

The Power of CCTV Camera Presence

CCTV Cameras

The most profound impact of CCTV cameras is also impossible to measure. Like a speeding driver who knows the Highway Patrol is near, or a lazy student under the eye of an attentive teacher … some things don’t happen simply because someone is watching! CCTV cameras can both deter and catch offenders.

CCTV cameras can:

  • Deter Intruders and encourage dishonest employees to go and ‘work’ for someone else.
  • Identify intruders and thieves.
  • Provide confidence and reassurance to your staff and the public.
  • Empower you to unobtrusively monitor your business and staff.
  • Allow you to respond to alarm breaches remotely and inform police of what you see (gaining call out priority).
  • Provide court admissible evidence to prosecute offenders and protect your reputation and assets.
  • Deter false accident claims and provide proof of OHS due diligence.
  • Boost the productivity and efficiency of your staff.
  • Remotely access your premises and/or surrounds in real time.
  • Lower insurance costs.

For many businesses, avoiding just one of those events would pay for the CCTV camera investment (and more)!

Your CCTV Camera Solution?

Choosing a CCTV camera solution is an individual and personal project. Done right it can bring you many, if not all the benefits shown here, as well as the peace of mind you (and honest staff) appreciate.

There are technical, feature, design and budget issues to consider, as well as a high potential for being misled or sold a pretty looking, yet 3rd grade sweatshop CCTV. Ask tough questions and especially check where the equipment is made. All our equipment (except for a few necessary exceptions) comes from leading American technology providers.

Symetrix would like to walk the journey with you. If this year you need a good year, we want you to be ready,

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