Audio intercom systems for your home and business.

dt-dj4An audio only intercom system can help secure your property by allowing you to audibly speak to visitors to your home or business, without risking forced entry by unlocking / opening the front door.
One or more door stations can be added to allow multiple entry points to be controlled and monitored by the intercom system.
Typically door stations may be used to cover front and / or rear gates, the front door, a granny flat, or any number of potential access points to your property.
The intercom system can be used to allow remote access to the entry point by simply pressing a button on one or more installed handsets.
An electronic door strike can be installed, allowing a wooden door to be automatically unlocked, a magnetic lock can be used for frame-less glass doors, and gate / garage motors can be used to automatically open sliding gates, and garage doors.
For convenience, multiple handsets can be installed throughout your home and business, allowing you to answer one or more of the calling stations from any number of convenient points.
The intercom system can even be designed to allow you to make intercom calls from one handset to another, such as calling from the kitchen, to the garage, calling between floors, or even calling a separate dwelling such as a granny flat.
Symetrix can provide you with an intercom system to suite your needs, and your budget.

Audio intercom systems for multiple unit apartments.

 An audio intercom system is the most important security measure that is required for securing an apartment block, or a block of units.
An intercom system allows the main shared entry point in to the building to be secured, using a suitably rated door, and lock system.
An intercom door station, door strike, gate release can then be installed in the main access area, allowing residents to remotely grant access to valid visitors, whilst the secured lock door keeps undesirable members of the public from gaining access to the secured area.
Further access point intercom door stations can be installed to cover further areas such as underground car parks, recreational and storage areas.
Multiple apartment intercom systems can support any number of individual units, ranging from two to thousands of unit handsets.
Each unit can be fitted with multiple handsets, providing extra convenience for its occupants by providing multiple access points throughout the unit.
If required, unit handsets can communicate between handsets located within the same unit, and can even make outbound intercom calls to a central concierge or after hours security handset.

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