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 Since the beginning of time, there has always been a need to protect your loved ones and belongings, from outside threat.In our modern world, this is more important than ever! We now have laptops, phones, jewellery and other important belongings, often with significant price tags, irreplaceable data and/or high sentimental value. Few of us work at home and most of us are absent for long and predictable periods. Our home’s are left unattended and unprotected.By using modern modern communication technology can be alerted almost instantly of a perimeter breach, allowing you or a monitored service to take swift and decisive action.

Alarm Systems

Alarm systems can be as simple, or as elaborate as you want.

  • A panel and keypad,
  • Motion sensors,
  • Siren, and
  • A strobe alert-light on your building’s front.

A more comprehensive approach might include:

  • Reed switches on your doors and windows,
  • The ability to arm selected sections of your home, even when you or your loved ones are in the home,
  • Remote arming and disarming via your smartphone, and
  • Critical-Incident-Connectivity: if your alarm is tripped, our server automatically responds as pre-arranged with you, providing push notifications, SMS alerts, emails and/or phone calls.

Our consultants will help you design a best-fit system for your unique needs because effective and efficient system design is critical to ensuring your system actually does what you want it to do.

The Components of Your Alarm System

A correctly operating system fosters trust. When an alarm is triggered, you know an actual breach has very-likely occurred. And so do your neighbours!

Reed Switches

Reed switches are a two(2) part device that is secured to your door or window. They are triggered when the window or door is opened by as little as 2cm, making it likely that the offender will abort the break in immediately.

Motion Sensors

A simpler home alarm system may use motion sensors to detect moving bodies of heat within a room.


Emergency Help Monitoring

Your system can be designed to include emergency help points, information lines and after our access points. These Emergency help points can be configured to call dedicated operators, or after hours contacts depending on your particular needs.

Core Alarm System

The brains of the system are housed in the main-board (or panel). A back-up battery kicks in if power is cut and typically lasts up to 24 hours.

Sirens and Strobes

External sirens are 120db, low pitch and designed to alert neighbours and passers by. Internal sirens however are higher pitched, making it uncomfortable for anyone to remain in your home or in the immediate vicinity.


We offer a 5 inch colour touch screen as standard. These attractive keypads are stylish and easy to use, and give the user smartphone like power over their alarm system.

What’s Best For Me?

The home alarm system that suits you best will vary with your priorities.

If you feel that you and your family would prefer to stay within an armed detection area, for example, while you are all asleep, then door and window contacts would suit your needs.

If however, your key concern is what happens when you are away from home, then motion detectors alone may suit your needs.

Our consultants will design a specific solution to meet your needs and address your particular concerns.





So what happens next?

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